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Thursday, December 16, 2010

33.5 weeks! Update!

Hi!!! So, I haven't been very good lately at my updates, I think its because I just finished with the end of the semester, and was very BUSY with school! Now I am done, and I have a few weeks off before I start my last semester and then I GRADUATE! Im so excited! So many big things happening soon, graduating, and delivering surro-babies! AWESOME!

I am doing pretty good, just getting really tired lately. I have the most energy in the morning and early afternoon, then around dinner time I just want to crash. Its been hard lately because I have been needing to go Christmas shopping, and I just get so tired walking around the store. I would just buy everyone gift cards, I just don't like them very much. I also have been feeling very guilty lately because I haven't been able to be the mommy I usually am to my kids. My husband is wonderful and helps with everything! He cooks dinner, cleans up the kitchen, bathes the boys, pjs, brushes teeth, and even does story time. He also has been keeping up with the laundry! I told you, he is just AMAZING!

I had an u/s appointment on monday (dec. 13) and the babies are looking great! But there is good/bad news...ill start with the good news. So far I've made it to 33 weeks with twins, and they are growing just as twins are supposed to grow. Baby A is 4 lbs (about a week under, but the Dr. said that is just fine) and then Baby B is 5.3 lbs (about a week over, so he is a little chunk already!) Now for the bad news...Baby A is STILL breech, and Baby B is transverse. I really need Baby A to move head down before the big day, or I will have a C-section!!!! I am VERY nervous about a C-section because my first two pregnancies were really easy vaginal births. I guess Im very nervous about a C-section because I am just so unfamiliar with them, and don't know much about the procedure. I like to be in control during birth, and with a C-section that just is NOT the case! I am starting to get more comfortable with the idea, just would still rather have a vaginal.

I actually have my hospital bag almost packed, just a few more items that I need to put in. I did not pack my hospital bag with my boys until I was in labor! Im just trying to prepare myself for this birth a little more than I did with my own, probably because it will be different than my own babies. My IPs are collecting Cord Blood, so I have the two boxes the company sent to bring to the hospital. The boxes are some what big, they will not fit in my bag, so I have them right by it.

I am also having anxiety about my IPs making the birth, I hope they can get here before the boys are born. I will just have to call them as soon as I know I am in "real" labor. I do have a very good instinct in what is real or false labor. If I make it to 37 weeks (my dr. wont let me go past 37) then I guess we will either schedule an induction or c-section. My doctor said that on average, twins come at 35 (keep ur fingers crossed). If we have something scheduled then my IPs are sure to make it! If Baby A turns head down and I go into labor on my own and am able to have them vaginally, its possible it will be very fast. I had my second son in less than 3 hrs with no time for drugs. I almost had him in the car because I was only at the hospital for 30 min!

So now its just the waiting game!! I am a planner, so this is killing me! But so exciting at the same time. Sometimes, the unknown can be the best :) I have a dr. apt today (going every week now) so if anything has changed I will do an update later today!

Please pray that Baby A turns to head down postition!!!!!

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  1. Hi Susy!
    I was wondering if I could get your email address? My husband and I live in SETexas and are starting our journey. We just started the surrogacy process a couple months ago but haven't found a match yet.

    I always get super excited when I find stories that are happening right here in Texas! My email is I hope to hear from you soon!



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