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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

when I wake up...

Some mornings when I wake up, I still cant believe that I am pregnant with TWINS! Its very surreal to me!

I haven't posted in a long time, I just have been so busy with school! Also not much has been going on, Im in that "boring" stage of know where everything is going great! And by going great I didnt mention: back ache, pressure (down there), being sooo tired, starting to waddle like a duck, clothes are getting tighter, stretch marks getting bigger, babies starting to kick my ribs :) and im sure there are others I am forgetting...but really I am enjoying this experience.
I do have my good and my bad days. I am just glad that my hubby loves me unconditionally, because boy can I be mean and emotional! The good thing is that I have more good days than bad days. I have noticed that I am a lot more emotional this pregnancy than I was with my other two. Maybe cuz its twins? I cry at the drop of a hat, and when it starts, its really hard to stop. I just have to remember that I will be okay, and I am getting through this. I am by no means, having a hard time, it just has its challenging days.
I have two appointments coming up: u/s on the 18th and an ob apt on the 21st. I will update with pics on the 18th! I cant wait to see them, hopefully they will show their faces this time! They are always so shy! Baby A was head down and Baby B was transverse, so I hope that Baby A stays head down and maybe Baby B will follow.

P.S. 110 days to go! exciting! (actually probably more like 80-89 days left-remember twins come around 36-37 wks on average)

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  1. Your twins are positioned the same as mine. How does your doctor (and you) feel about delivery?

    Beware, waddling may be a sign that you're not supporting with your abdominals and it will cause backache. I waddle when I'm tired, but always try to carry myself correctly as long as I can because it really does save the back to keep your spine in good alignment.

    I have a new support device coming in the mail. I'll let you know my thoughts via The Blog. :-)



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