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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

short and sweet

Braxton Hicks - I don't like you very much lately! That's all...

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  1. Hi Susy, (I don't think I have your email address)

    Regarding numbness when sleeping... you need a soft mattress (a pillowtop) to avoid pressure points. If it's not soft enough, get a cheap egg crate topper ($10 for twin at Walmart) and try that. You might need two layers to get the right amount of cushion.

    Are you sleeping with a fat pillow between your knees/thighs? An absolute must! If you can still sleep on your back.... well, that's only temporary. The weight will become too much on your spine and you start feeling breathless.

    For heartburn issues, sleep on your LEFT side (the angle of the stomach makes the left side more comfortable) and then you may need to add several pillows to create a wedge shape to comfortably elevate your upper body. I rarely need the Mylanta since I started elevating.

    If you have muscle twitching issues in your legs (I do know, at night) I've found that Rescue Remedy takes care of that and helps me to relax and fall asleep. It's an herbal essences spray (2-3 squirts on the tongue) and you can find it at health food stores or online. There's also Rescue Sleep which helps for middle-of-the-night-waking if you need help getting back to sleep. I tend to be awake for 2 hours without it; with it I go back to sleep in 10 minutes.

    You can email me at

    If you continue to have numbness issues, I would recommend you seek out a good wellness chiropractor. You may need a spinal adjustment where there is pressure on your nerves. ((Don't just go to anyone. Find one that has a philosophy of total health and wellness. I don't trust the back-crackers.))



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