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Thursday, August 5, 2010


Im sorry this post is a long time waited. There is no real reason, I have just been slacking. My apt 2 weeks ago went great. I met the ob/gyn for the first time, she is awesome. What I love the most is she said she is all for doing a vaginal birth for the twins delivery (if it is possible). That just made my day because I really dont want to have a c-section. Of course I will have one if medically necessary, but I plan to be in that 20% of women who deliver twins vaginally (cant you believe its that low?)

The beginning of last week I actually started to feel better, and I thought, yeah I finally have my body back. But to my surprise the nauseous came back, along with a couple other symptoms. I was having really bad heartburn/indigestion, so the doctor gave me a prescription for Pepsid. It took a few days to start really working, but I do feel much better. Lets just say its not 100% better, but I dont wake up in the middle of the night feeling like my throat is on FIRE!!! The other symptom Im having is lower abdominal pain when I am sleeping. I wake up and my abdomen muscles feel like they are being ripped apart. I know this could only mean that my uterus is GROWING and making room for TWINS!!! So for now, other than being tired, those are my only complaints. (i know, i know, i feel like a complainer)

Last week my family and I joined a gym right down the street. Its great because they have a pool, something my neighborhood is lacking. My boys love it, and ask to go everyday. My husband has been wanting to get back into working out, so he is happy. Although I cant do a full work-out, I planned on taking Yoga, walking on the treadmill, and swimming. I found out that they do swimming classes, so I thought I would give it a try. Ive read online that swimming is the best workout you can do while preggo (especially with twins). I do have to admit that I was a little hesitant about doing the class since they all seem so nerdy (haha). To my surprise I loved the class and all the ladies were so sweet. I plan on attending next week as well.

My next doc visit is in 2 weeks! They were having me go every week to check on the babies, and then they booted my outta there and told me not to come back for a month! Oh, and I promise to get a picture of the belly up this weekend, I just dont look very pretty right now!

Here are some pics from the u/s 2 weeks ago:

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  1. Heartburn has been my one real complaint in all my pregnancies. By baby #3 I had it beat. The trick is (and it's hard, but simple) to stop eating 4 hours before lying down and stop drinking 3 hours before. Even a SIP of water would cause me to have heartburn all night. Tums worked for about 2 hours, but then I'd have recurrent heartburn all throughout the night.



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