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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

17.2 wks...My back is killing me today!!!

My back has been killing me this morning since I got outta bed! I dont know what to do, tylenol does NOT work! Maybe I can try my heating pad. But I live in Texas, and who needs MORE heat?

I had an u/s last friday, and it went really well. The babies are growing so fast.
Baby A: 148 hb and 7 oz.
Baby B: 148 hb and 6 oz.
I had the u/s from the request of the IPs and really to prepare me for my amnio this friday. I met the doctor that will be doing the amnio (he was very sweet), and I was in the room where it will take place. I have been having much anxiety about it, so I guess the visit was to calm my nerves? No, it did not work! I am still soooo nervous! Two reasons: 1. Being stuck twice by a long needle (ive heard it hurts) and 2. finding out the results, and what that will entail for this pregnancy. I am glad we are doing the FISH test, because you get results in 2-3 days, rather than 1-2 weeks (that would be a killer). So, its happening this friday, and I am NERVOUS!!! I will try and post friday afternoon after I get home, I have to rest for 2 days after. The risks are: spotting, cramping, and miscarriage.

Other than me being really nervous about the amnio, everything else is going great! I finally started to feel a lot better last week! I can actually get out of the house and can EAT now! But the bad thing is a got my appetite back, plus a little more! I need to be careful, because ice cream has been my new BFF! (carmel kettle crunch, Blue Bell) The good thing is at my apt last week I only gained 3 lbs, and that was for a month. W00-hoo! I just know that will catch up with me soon, I usually gain in the 3rd trimester.

So, now for the big news...we found out the sex of the babies (we actually found out at our 12 week u/s, but I wanted to wait until the next one just to be 100% sure!)
The babies are...BOYS!!! My IPs are so excited about them being boys, and so am I (I am partial to boys, since I have 2).

I know in my last post I said I would post a picture of myself and I havnet done that yet! I will try and get one up soon, believe or not, I am really not that big. It takes me awhile to show when Im preggo. I thought I would show faster since its twins, but I guess not. Maybe that is why my back is killing me! I also have u/s pics from friday that I will get up in the next few days. I need to try and be better at this blogging thing, mainly because I want to remember every step of my surrogacy.

On a side note: My son started Kinder this week!!! It was very emotional for me, but we both got through it :) He had two great days so far, he is just really tired and needs an early bed time! And for me, I start school today! I am excited because with me not working or going to school I have been a bit bored! So school should take my mind off this pregnancy so much!

Thats it for today, I will be back on Friday!


  1. Have you considered seeing a good holistic chiropractor? Keeping your spine in alignment during your pregnancy can alleviate the pain caused by muscle strain. We can tend to carry our changing weight improperly which causes the muscle strain and pain.

    I thought I would show more quickly too, and then suddenly I am! 19 weeks today and it's definately popping out, although maybe still not 'clearly pregnant' in the eyes of a stranger.

    Good luck with the amnio! My IPs haven't mentioned it; I don't think they're requiring one of me. You'll have to let us know what it's like.

  2. I havent really thought of the chiropractor yet, because my back just started to really bother me just his week. But I will keep that in mind, thanks!
    I really feel like I just popped out the last few days, Ive actually had 2 people say "you are showing" it was a good feeling!



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