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Friday, August 27, 2010

I survived!!!

Finally, I got a picture of me on here! I dont like the pic much (kinda blurry) but I just wanna show you my belly anyway!

baby A (top)
baby B (bottom)

Well, I survived the amnio today!!! I had my hubby go with me to the apt. to hold my hand and to comfort me! (he is the best hubby ever! very supportive of me)

So here is how it went:
We were called back and sat down on the couch in the amnio room. Dr. Huff sat next to us and went over everything in detail. He made the mistake by asking me how I was feeling, and thats when the tears started flowing! I was just beyond nervous!!! and he knew it! Dr. Huff was really sweet and had a way of calming me (hes been doing amnios for 40 yrs). I then laid down on the table and he did an u/s to look at the babies position. Then he evasively cleaned my belly with betadine. While my belly was drying, he got everything ready, x2! This is when I just laid there and got really nervous (just do it already!). He was finally ready, and came over to start. He did baby B first, up by my belly button, and he did a local first (which doesn't make since to do a local because he said it doesn't help once the needle is inserted). Then the needle went really wasnt that bad, except that is was the most bizarre feeling in the world. Just imagine what your uterus would feel like to get poked from the inside! Then he withdrew the fluid (a little more than a tablespoon), after he injected a blue dye (so when he did the second baby if he pulled out blue, he was in the wrong sac). Then on to baby A, because of course its twins! The second poke was down a bit further and that one was a lot more uncomfortable, the Dr. said that is because the father down the more membranes we have. I did cramp when he pulled the needles out, but not much. Then I was done, IT WAS OVER!!! and I lived through it! The fluid was nice and clear, and Dr. Huff said I did great!!! It was definitely the hardest thing Ive had to do so far being a surrogate.

We got the FISH test done, which is a faster wait time for results to come back. FISH results come back in about 2-3 days, where as an amnio takes 1-2 weeks. FISH only tests for 3 major abnormalities though, so you still want to wait for the amnio. But the reason people do FISH is to find out early if the baby has downs. So, since the amnio was done on friday, Dr. Huff said maybe monday afternoon, but probably tuesday morning. Its now the waiting game, the part that is the hardest!

On the way home I had my hubby take me through the drive-thru and get a cheeseburger and fries at 10:30 am, hey I deserved it! Then I got home, ate, and have been resting ever since. Every once in awhile I will have a little cramp where the needles were inserted, but it goes away quick. I have just been really tired all day, probably just from the anxiety from it all. I will rest all day tomorrow as well, and then on sunday just take it easy. But monday I should be fine to go back to normal activity.

There were five main risks in getting an amnio done (in order):
1. spotting
2. leaking fluid
3. baby being poked by the needle
4. Infection where needle was inserted into skin
5. miscarriage (1/200)

So, that was my day, sorry the story was so long, I just didn't want to leave anything out! After the amnio was all done with, Dr. Huff printed some pics of the boys for fun. Also he told me since there was blue dye injected into one of the sacs, sometimes people pee green (blue and yellow make green), Ive been looking every time I go to the bathroom, but no green yet! haha

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  1. You're brave! I can't imagine going through an amnio! Glad the results came back showing they are healthy!



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