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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Trouble sleeping???

So Im 11w1d today!!! We have hit a huge milestone with these babies! I just pray they continue to grow, grow, grow!
Although my belly is not big yet, I am having trouble sleeping because I dont want to sleep on my belly, I worry that I will squish the babies. So I looked online at different pregnancy pillows, and I found the perfect one. The pillow is made by Boppy, and its called Total Body Pillow. For all of you pregnant woman out there, its awesome and worth the money.
I am still feeling nauseous, and I dont want to say it too soon, but I feel like it might be getting better a little bit. Or is it that I am just getting used to not feeling good ALL day?
I thought my next u/s was on thur. but I re-checked it, and its actually on fri. So until then Happy Sleeping!

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