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Friday, July 16, 2010

more u/s pics!

Today I had my 11wk u/s. The babies look perfect, they are growing so fast and are 1wk ahead of schedule. Baby A is always ready for his/her picture to be taken, Baby B is camera shy and always hard to get a picture because s/he wont be still.
Baby A: 12w3d 167 hb
Baby B: 12w4d 150 hb
For the past week I have felt "flutters" at night when I am really still. It seems really early, but maybe not for twins? I cant wait until my nausea goes away and I start to feel better, more like myself again. Except a new symptom happened this week: the good ol heartburn. I guess its time to start buying stock in Tums/Rolaids!
I have my first ob appointment next thur., and another u/s (which I think will be the last for awhile).
I hope you enjoy the pictures of the precious babies!

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  1. Hmm based on those HBs I'd guess baby A: girl and baby B: boy (though that's still high for a boy hb so maybe it's a girl and she was sleeping/resting when they took the hb?)



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