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Friday, July 16, 2010

more u/s pics!

Today I had my 11wk u/s. The babies look perfect, they are growing so fast and are 1wk ahead of schedule. Baby A is always ready for his/her picture to be taken, Baby B is camera shy and always hard to get a picture because s/he wont be still.
Baby A: 12w3d 167 hb
Baby B: 12w4d 150 hb
For the past week I have felt "flutters" at night when I am really still. It seems really early, but maybe not for twins? I cant wait until my nausea goes away and I start to feel better, more like myself again. Except a new symptom happened this week: the good ol heartburn. I guess its time to start buying stock in Tums/Rolaids!
I have my first ob appointment next thur., and another u/s (which I think will be the last for awhile).
I hope you enjoy the pictures of the precious babies!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Trouble sleeping???

So Im 11w1d today!!! We have hit a huge milestone with these babies! I just pray they continue to grow, grow, grow!
Although my belly is not big yet, I am having trouble sleeping because I dont want to sleep on my belly, I worry that I will squish the babies. So I looked online at different pregnancy pillows, and I found the perfect one. The pillow is made by Boppy, and its called Total Body Pillow. For all of you pregnant woman out there, its awesome and worth the money.
I am still feeling nauseous, and I dont want to say it too soon, but I feel like it might be getting better a little bit. Or is it that I am just getting used to not feeling good ALL day?
I thought my next u/s was on thur. but I re-checked it, and its actually on fri. So until then Happy Sleeping!

Friday, July 9, 2010

I think its time...

The reason I titled this entry "I think its time..." is because I wanted to wait awhile into the pregnancy. Today I am 10w4d with TWINS!!! This is my second journey with the same IP's. The first one resulted in miscarriage, so I wanted to wait to start blogging about the second journey. I couldnt be happier with my IP's, they are wonderful people! I am so lucky to have met amazing people like them. I wanted to share this journey with anyone out there that was interested in reading. I had my fourth u/s yesterday, and it was with the OB because last week I graduated from fertility. It is such an awesome feeling to "graduate!" Just a little info about my transfer: May 15, 2-5day blasts were transfered, it was on a sat. and by monday I knew I was pregnant. I cheated and did a hpt at 3 days (I know, I know, I was a little anxious) and it was a very slight line! Thats when I had a slight feeling it was twins. I am so excited its twins, but so nervous at the same time. I have been so sick so far, and I hope that at 12 wks I will start to feel better. I hope this quickly sums up my surrogate journey so far. If you have any questions...just ask! Im sure I will fill you in with more info along the way.

Yesterday, thur, at my u/s the babies were looking great! Baby A was measuring 11w3d, and baby B was measuring 11w2d. I dont know if the machine was faulty or the tech didnt measure right because I am only in my 10th week. Their little heartbeats were 167. My next u/s is next thur, Im having one weekly until the babies are 12 weeks.


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