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Friday, December 24, 2010

34 weeks

Guess what? I went in for another u/s on monday (dec. 20) and baby A turned to head down position!! Yay, I couldn't be happier. Now lets just hope for a vaginal!
Baby A = 5.3
Baby B = 5.7

We had a false alarm on wed. I started having contractions around 6:45 am, and by 11:00 am they were still around. I tried everything to get them to stop from walking around the house, laying down, taking a shower, drinking water, eating. When they weren't stopping, I decided to go in to the hospital to get checked.
The Dr. checked me and I was 2 cm, 50% effaced, with irregular contractions. She checked me again 2 hrs later, I was 3 cm. I would be admitted if in another 2 hrs I dilated any more. 2 hrs later she checked me for the 3rd time and I was still a 3 with irregular contractions, so they sent me home. I was glad I was sent home because I just didnt feel like it was "the" day.

My belly keeps expanding and expanding, with that I am having the worst case of the "itches." It hurts so bad to have my belly brush up against something or even wearing a shirt over my belly. I am keeping my belly well hydrated, I just wish there was a special cream out there that would help! any suggestions?

We are all ready for Christmas around here, I just need to go to the grocery store in a little bit to get a few things for tomorrow. I hope I dont get mauled over! My boys are so excited about Santa coming tonight! I think that is the best part about Christmas, seeing your children so excited about Santa. Its an amazing feeling! I cant wait for my IPs to have the same feeling with their two little boys in the years to come!

I hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas!!!

Thursday, December 16, 2010 and old

Baby A and Baby B

Baby B (so sweet)
Baby B feet
30 weeks
32 weeks
32 weeks

33.5 weeks! Update!

Hi!!! So, I haven't been very good lately at my updates, I think its because I just finished with the end of the semester, and was very BUSY with school! Now I am done, and I have a few weeks off before I start my last semester and then I GRADUATE! Im so excited! So many big things happening soon, graduating, and delivering surro-babies! AWESOME!

I am doing pretty good, just getting really tired lately. I have the most energy in the morning and early afternoon, then around dinner time I just want to crash. Its been hard lately because I have been needing to go Christmas shopping, and I just get so tired walking around the store. I would just buy everyone gift cards, I just don't like them very much. I also have been feeling very guilty lately because I haven't been able to be the mommy I usually am to my kids. My husband is wonderful and helps with everything! He cooks dinner, cleans up the kitchen, bathes the boys, pjs, brushes teeth, and even does story time. He also has been keeping up with the laundry! I told you, he is just AMAZING!

I had an u/s appointment on monday (dec. 13) and the babies are looking great! But there is good/bad news...ill start with the good news. So far I've made it to 33 weeks with twins, and they are growing just as twins are supposed to grow. Baby A is 4 lbs (about a week under, but the Dr. said that is just fine) and then Baby B is 5.3 lbs (about a week over, so he is a little chunk already!) Now for the bad news...Baby A is STILL breech, and Baby B is transverse. I really need Baby A to move head down before the big day, or I will have a C-section!!!! I am VERY nervous about a C-section because my first two pregnancies were really easy vaginal births. I guess Im very nervous about a C-section because I am just so unfamiliar with them, and don't know much about the procedure. I like to be in control during birth, and with a C-section that just is NOT the case! I am starting to get more comfortable with the idea, just would still rather have a vaginal.

I actually have my hospital bag almost packed, just a few more items that I need to put in. I did not pack my hospital bag with my boys until I was in labor! Im just trying to prepare myself for this birth a little more than I did with my own, probably because it will be different than my own babies. My IPs are collecting Cord Blood, so I have the two boxes the company sent to bring to the hospital. The boxes are some what big, they will not fit in my bag, so I have them right by it.

I am also having anxiety about my IPs making the birth, I hope they can get here before the boys are born. I will just have to call them as soon as I know I am in "real" labor. I do have a very good instinct in what is real or false labor. If I make it to 37 weeks (my dr. wont let me go past 37) then I guess we will either schedule an induction or c-section. My doctor said that on average, twins come at 35 (keep ur fingers crossed). If we have something scheduled then my IPs are sure to make it! If Baby A turns head down and I go into labor on my own and am able to have them vaginally, its possible it will be very fast. I had my second son in less than 3 hrs with no time for drugs. I almost had him in the car because I was only at the hospital for 30 min!

So now its just the waiting game!! I am a planner, so this is killing me! But so exciting at the same time. Sometimes, the unknown can be the best :) I have a dr. apt today (going every week now) so if anything has changed I will do an update later today!

Please pray that Baby A turns to head down postition!!!!!

Monday, November 8, 2010

28 weeks!!!

Here is my 28 week belly pic!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

short and sweet

Braxton Hicks - I don't like you very much lately! That's all...

Monday, October 11, 2010

24 weeks!

WOW! We are 24 weeks today! I cant believe it...are we really this far along already?

My hubby took some pics of me last night and comparing them to the 22 week pics, I would say that I have definitely grown...or should I say, the babies have grown! I didn't get much bigger than this with my singleton pregnancies, so it will be interesting to see how big I get with twins.

I've been having trouble sleeping the last two nights, I find that I wake up with the side that I was sleeping on to be going numb. I then switch to the other side, and then wake up a little bit later with that side going numb. I don't understand it, I will have to ask the Dr. next week. I hope there is something I can do to prevent/help it, because it is causing me to get very poor sleep.

Yesterday we (more me) had this great idea to take the boys to Sea World to go through the Scary Forest and go trick-or-treating "under the sea." Well, I say it was a great idea (being sarcastic) because with a little bit of walking, I was already hot and light-headed! I know my boys would have been so sad to leave the park so early, so my sweet hubby pushed me around in a wheel-chair the rest of the time! What would I do without him? Im glad we got to have a good time, its important to me to still be able to take our kids out and do things we would normally do. I want this to have as little effect on them as possible through-out this whole surrogacy process.

Heres to 24 weeks down...keep your fingers crossed for 12 more to go!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

when I wake up...

Some mornings when I wake up, I still cant believe that I am pregnant with TWINS! Its very surreal to me!

I haven't posted in a long time, I just have been so busy with school! Also not much has been going on, Im in that "boring" stage of know where everything is going great! And by going great I didnt mention: back ache, pressure (down there), being sooo tired, starting to waddle like a duck, clothes are getting tighter, stretch marks getting bigger, babies starting to kick my ribs :) and im sure there are others I am forgetting...but really I am enjoying this experience.
I do have my good and my bad days. I am just glad that my hubby loves me unconditionally, because boy can I be mean and emotional! The good thing is that I have more good days than bad days. I have noticed that I am a lot more emotional this pregnancy than I was with my other two. Maybe cuz its twins? I cry at the drop of a hat, and when it starts, its really hard to stop. I just have to remember that I will be okay, and I am getting through this. I am by no means, having a hard time, it just has its challenging days.
I have two appointments coming up: u/s on the 18th and an ob apt on the 21st. I will update with pics on the 18th! I cant wait to see them, hopefully they will show their faces this time! They are always so shy! Baby A was head down and Baby B was transverse, so I hope that Baby A stays head down and maybe Baby B will follow.

P.S. 110 days to go! exciting! (actually probably more like 80-89 days left-remember twins come around 36-37 wks on average)

Saturday, September 11, 2010

A little the Amnio results are in!!!!

Last weekend my husband and I didnt have our 2 boys, they were with their Nana and Papa for the weekend! So, we planned a nice evening for ourselves...dinner and a movie. And this wasnt just any old dinner, we were going to my favorite: The Cheesecake Factory! It was about 4:45 pm and I was about to start getting ready when I went to the bathroom and when I wiped I saw BRIGHT RED BLOOD!!! and you know what that means...for me...panic!!!! So, our dinner and a movie plans were postponed for another night because we were now headed to the hospital. We got there and they did an u/s and an exam and found everything to be just fine! Babies heartbeats were both 144, and there was not a sign of blood! So, the doctor asked me a few questions, and one of them was: have you had intercourse in the last 24 hours? My husband and I looked at each other and then said, um yes...this morning actually! So, there you have it, bright red blood because of something we did! The doctor sent us home with just one rule: no sex for at least a week. Which is no problem, because the health of these babies at this point is for more important. That has been the first scare in this pregnancy so I am relieved that everything is fine!

Now, for the exciting news!!! Dr. Huff called me on wed with the Amnio results and he said that everything looked great!!! Both babies are healthy! I called the IPs and they were ecstatic! I was so happy to give great news, it was a wonderful feeling for me! Its like all the stress has payed off! Anyone who has had an Amnio knows what I went through!

I have two appointments coming up: a regular ob apt. and an u/s to measure the babies. I am so excited to see them again! Can you believe that on monday we will be at 20 WEEKS??? What an accomplishment!!!

Friday, September 3, 2010

FISH test results...

Dr. Huff called me the other day with the FISH test results and both babies are...
healthy boys! The FISH test came back negative for both babies! I am so relieved, as well as my IPs! Now we just have to wait for the Amnio, it should come back some time next week.

Babies are moving around like crazy, their movements keep getting stronger and stronger. My next apt. is Sep. 15, and I will also be having my 20 week u/s. (I am 18.4 wks today)

Friday, August 27, 2010

I survived!!!

Finally, I got a picture of me on here! I dont like the pic much (kinda blurry) but I just wanna show you my belly anyway!

baby A (top)
baby B (bottom)

Well, I survived the amnio today!!! I had my hubby go with me to the apt. to hold my hand and to comfort me! (he is the best hubby ever! very supportive of me)

So here is how it went:
We were called back and sat down on the couch in the amnio room. Dr. Huff sat next to us and went over everything in detail. He made the mistake by asking me how I was feeling, and thats when the tears started flowing! I was just beyond nervous!!! and he knew it! Dr. Huff was really sweet and had a way of calming me (hes been doing amnios for 40 yrs). I then laid down on the table and he did an u/s to look at the babies position. Then he evasively cleaned my belly with betadine. While my belly was drying, he got everything ready, x2! This is when I just laid there and got really nervous (just do it already!). He was finally ready, and came over to start. He did baby B first, up by my belly button, and he did a local first (which doesn't make since to do a local because he said it doesn't help once the needle is inserted). Then the needle went really wasnt that bad, except that is was the most bizarre feeling in the world. Just imagine what your uterus would feel like to get poked from the inside! Then he withdrew the fluid (a little more than a tablespoon), after he injected a blue dye (so when he did the second baby if he pulled out blue, he was in the wrong sac). Then on to baby A, because of course its twins! The second poke was down a bit further and that one was a lot more uncomfortable, the Dr. said that is because the father down the more membranes we have. I did cramp when he pulled the needles out, but not much. Then I was done, IT WAS OVER!!! and I lived through it! The fluid was nice and clear, and Dr. Huff said I did great!!! It was definitely the hardest thing Ive had to do so far being a surrogate.

We got the FISH test done, which is a faster wait time for results to come back. FISH results come back in about 2-3 days, where as an amnio takes 1-2 weeks. FISH only tests for 3 major abnormalities though, so you still want to wait for the amnio. But the reason people do FISH is to find out early if the baby has downs. So, since the amnio was done on friday, Dr. Huff said maybe monday afternoon, but probably tuesday morning. Its now the waiting game, the part that is the hardest!

On the way home I had my hubby take me through the drive-thru and get a cheeseburger and fries at 10:30 am, hey I deserved it! Then I got home, ate, and have been resting ever since. Every once in awhile I will have a little cramp where the needles were inserted, but it goes away quick. I have just been really tired all day, probably just from the anxiety from it all. I will rest all day tomorrow as well, and then on sunday just take it easy. But monday I should be fine to go back to normal activity.

There were five main risks in getting an amnio done (in order):
1. spotting
2. leaking fluid
3. baby being poked by the needle
4. Infection where needle was inserted into skin
5. miscarriage (1/200)

So, that was my day, sorry the story was so long, I just didn't want to leave anything out! After the amnio was all done with, Dr. Huff printed some pics of the boys for fun. Also he told me since there was blue dye injected into one of the sacs, sometimes people pee green (blue and yellow make green), Ive been looking every time I go to the bathroom, but no green yet! haha

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

old pics from 12wk u/s

So, here are some pictures from our 12 week u/s. They are kinda blurry sorry! I dont have the new ones from last friday on my computer yet, I will do that soon!

17.2 wks...My back is killing me today!!!

My back has been killing me this morning since I got outta bed! I dont know what to do, tylenol does NOT work! Maybe I can try my heating pad. But I live in Texas, and who needs MORE heat?

I had an u/s last friday, and it went really well. The babies are growing so fast.
Baby A: 148 hb and 7 oz.
Baby B: 148 hb and 6 oz.
I had the u/s from the request of the IPs and really to prepare me for my amnio this friday. I met the doctor that will be doing the amnio (he was very sweet), and I was in the room where it will take place. I have been having much anxiety about it, so I guess the visit was to calm my nerves? No, it did not work! I am still soooo nervous! Two reasons: 1. Being stuck twice by a long needle (ive heard it hurts) and 2. finding out the results, and what that will entail for this pregnancy. I am glad we are doing the FISH test, because you get results in 2-3 days, rather than 1-2 weeks (that would be a killer). So, its happening this friday, and I am NERVOUS!!! I will try and post friday afternoon after I get home, I have to rest for 2 days after. The risks are: spotting, cramping, and miscarriage.

Other than me being really nervous about the amnio, everything else is going great! I finally started to feel a lot better last week! I can actually get out of the house and can EAT now! But the bad thing is a got my appetite back, plus a little more! I need to be careful, because ice cream has been my new BFF! (carmel kettle crunch, Blue Bell) The good thing is at my apt last week I only gained 3 lbs, and that was for a month. W00-hoo! I just know that will catch up with me soon, I usually gain in the 3rd trimester.

So, now for the big news...we found out the sex of the babies (we actually found out at our 12 week u/s, but I wanted to wait until the next one just to be 100% sure!)
The babies are...BOYS!!! My IPs are so excited about them being boys, and so am I (I am partial to boys, since I have 2).

I know in my last post I said I would post a picture of myself and I havnet done that yet! I will try and get one up soon, believe or not, I am really not that big. It takes me awhile to show when Im preggo. I thought I would show faster since its twins, but I guess not. Maybe that is why my back is killing me! I also have u/s pics from friday that I will get up in the next few days. I need to try and be better at this blogging thing, mainly because I want to remember every step of my surrogacy.

On a side note: My son started Kinder this week!!! It was very emotional for me, but we both got through it :) He had two great days so far, he is just really tired and needs an early bed time! And for me, I start school today! I am excited because with me not working or going to school I have been a bit bored! So school should take my mind off this pregnancy so much!

Thats it for today, I will be back on Friday!

Thursday, August 5, 2010


Im sorry this post is a long time waited. There is no real reason, I have just been slacking. My apt 2 weeks ago went great. I met the ob/gyn for the first time, she is awesome. What I love the most is she said she is all for doing a vaginal birth for the twins delivery (if it is possible). That just made my day because I really dont want to have a c-section. Of course I will have one if medically necessary, but I plan to be in that 20% of women who deliver twins vaginally (cant you believe its that low?)

The beginning of last week I actually started to feel better, and I thought, yeah I finally have my body back. But to my surprise the nauseous came back, along with a couple other symptoms. I was having really bad heartburn/indigestion, so the doctor gave me a prescription for Pepsid. It took a few days to start really working, but I do feel much better. Lets just say its not 100% better, but I dont wake up in the middle of the night feeling like my throat is on FIRE!!! The other symptom Im having is lower abdominal pain when I am sleeping. I wake up and my abdomen muscles feel like they are being ripped apart. I know this could only mean that my uterus is GROWING and making room for TWINS!!! So for now, other than being tired, those are my only complaints. (i know, i know, i feel like a complainer)

Last week my family and I joined a gym right down the street. Its great because they have a pool, something my neighborhood is lacking. My boys love it, and ask to go everyday. My husband has been wanting to get back into working out, so he is happy. Although I cant do a full work-out, I planned on taking Yoga, walking on the treadmill, and swimming. I found out that they do swimming classes, so I thought I would give it a try. Ive read online that swimming is the best workout you can do while preggo (especially with twins). I do have to admit that I was a little hesitant about doing the class since they all seem so nerdy (haha). To my surprise I loved the class and all the ladies were so sweet. I plan on attending next week as well.

My next doc visit is in 2 weeks! They were having me go every week to check on the babies, and then they booted my outta there and told me not to come back for a month! Oh, and I promise to get a picture of the belly up this weekend, I just dont look very pretty right now!

Here are some pics from the u/s 2 weeks ago:

Friday, July 16, 2010

more u/s pics!

Today I had my 11wk u/s. The babies look perfect, they are growing so fast and are 1wk ahead of schedule. Baby A is always ready for his/her picture to be taken, Baby B is camera shy and always hard to get a picture because s/he wont be still.
Baby A: 12w3d 167 hb
Baby B: 12w4d 150 hb
For the past week I have felt "flutters" at night when I am really still. It seems really early, but maybe not for twins? I cant wait until my nausea goes away and I start to feel better, more like myself again. Except a new symptom happened this week: the good ol heartburn. I guess its time to start buying stock in Tums/Rolaids!
I have my first ob appointment next thur., and another u/s (which I think will be the last for awhile).
I hope you enjoy the pictures of the precious babies!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Trouble sleeping???

So Im 11w1d today!!! We have hit a huge milestone with these babies! I just pray they continue to grow, grow, grow!
Although my belly is not big yet, I am having trouble sleeping because I dont want to sleep on my belly, I worry that I will squish the babies. So I looked online at different pregnancy pillows, and I found the perfect one. The pillow is made by Boppy, and its called Total Body Pillow. For all of you pregnant woman out there, its awesome and worth the money.
I am still feeling nauseous, and I dont want to say it too soon, but I feel like it might be getting better a little bit. Or is it that I am just getting used to not feeling good ALL day?
I thought my next u/s was on thur. but I re-checked it, and its actually on fri. So until then Happy Sleeping!

Friday, July 9, 2010

I think its time...

The reason I titled this entry "I think its time..." is because I wanted to wait awhile into the pregnancy. Today I am 10w4d with TWINS!!! This is my second journey with the same IP's. The first one resulted in miscarriage, so I wanted to wait to start blogging about the second journey. I couldnt be happier with my IP's, they are wonderful people! I am so lucky to have met amazing people like them. I wanted to share this journey with anyone out there that was interested in reading. I had my fourth u/s yesterday, and it was with the OB because last week I graduated from fertility. It is such an awesome feeling to "graduate!" Just a little info about my transfer: May 15, 2-5day blasts were transfered, it was on a sat. and by monday I knew I was pregnant. I cheated and did a hpt at 3 days (I know, I know, I was a little anxious) and it was a very slight line! Thats when I had a slight feeling it was twins. I am so excited its twins, but so nervous at the same time. I have been so sick so far, and I hope that at 12 wks I will start to feel better. I hope this quickly sums up my surrogate journey so far. If you have any questions...just ask! Im sure I will fill you in with more info along the way.

Yesterday, thur, at my u/s the babies were looking great! Baby A was measuring 11w3d, and baby B was measuring 11w2d. I dont know if the machine was faulty or the tech didnt measure right because I am only in my 10th week. Their little heartbeats were 167. My next u/s is next thur, Im having one weekly until the babies are 12 weeks.


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